We’re just glad that fashion keeps evolving and every now and then, we have something new that makes its way into our hearts. Well, if there’s something that’s caught our attention lately, it is headgear. From head wraps to turbans, they’re all the rage right now. Think you have it in you to pull them off? Take inspiration from these girls as we show you how to wear these.

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Flower crown

It’s summer and we’re obsessing over everything flowery. So how can we not give a big nod to flower crowns that are a huge trend right now? Girlie and gorgeous, these wreath-like crowns will look stunning with a white flowy maxi on a summer day. So are we ready to rock this one, ladies?

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Be ready to be a traffic stopper with this unique head accessory. Agreed that it needs a bit of courage but hey, what’s life without having some fun with fashion? Wear them in a solid colour or a floral one, turbans are sure to make a statement.  From bloggers to fashion geniuses, everyone owns one. So why should you feel left out, right?

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Head chain

The perfect way to spice up an indoor party look, head chains scream sexy! Wear it with a bohemian outfit and be ready to see the compliments come your way. But make sure you skip jewellery otherwise because this one deserves all the attention alright!

Image courtesy: Koovs