5 Alternative Prints To Florals You Can Rock This Summer

Written by Shreya ContractorApr 07, 2017
5 alternative prints to florals you can rock this summer

It’s summertime! Time to unleash your florals...right? Wrong.

Even though they're a safe bet, people are starting to saturate looking at the same dainty florals in a different colour each time. Or oversized ones. Or appliqué-d ones. Let's give it a rest this summer, and try out something new, shall we? Bet you won't regret it!



Tropical Prints

Just like florals, here's another print that never goes out of style. With it's variants available in plaid, gingham and even houndstooth, could you really blame us? We'll always keep on coming back for more.


Pattern Prints

Tropical Prints

Can't get enough of cats (despite owning three of them)? Show your love on that shirt dress! Or your love for dogs, bunnies, pineapples and strawberries. Miniature pattern prints will always remain the cutest in town. Word!


Pop Art

Tropical Prints

If summers are for everything bright and happy, what's brighter and happier than pop art? Besides, we've all fawned over our favourite patches and pins, so pop art and pop culture prints would only be taking it to the next level.


Graphic Slogans

Tropical Prints

You know what they say, a little sass a day keeps the basics away. Graphic slogans become your new way of voicing your opinion without having to speak—take cues from Maria Grazia Chiuri (Dior) who raged quite the storm at Paris Fashion Week SS17.


Tropical Prints

Tropical Prints

OD-ing on flowers? Let's break the monotony with leaves, stems, trees, basically, everything to do with tropical paradise sans the flowers. You'll be surprised to see just how pretty fauna looks against a white backdrop. Try it!

Image Credits: Pinterest, PhotoBucket, The Lifestyle Department, Streetstrut.com, D.Lynn, Q-E3

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