Since the weather Gods are keeping the temperatures oh-so-hot, don’t we want to keep everything else cool? We do, right? Speaking especially of summer style, we definitely want to stick with cool easy, breezy fabrics.
Precisely why, we have put together a quick list of natural fabrics for you to stock up on this summer.



Cotton Perfect for All Climates

Cotton is perfect for almost all climates (especially dry and humid weather) for the simple reason that its natural, soft and airy fibre allows air to circulate and move freely through the fabric. This certainly can make heat slightly more bearable.

So ladies, go right ahead and embrace cotton to add that cool quotient to your summer wardrobe.

Pro tip: Cotton dresses can shrink in the dryer so make sure you hang to dry them.



Khadi Perfect for Summer Use

Khadi or khaddar – is a handspun and hand-woven fabric which is primarily made of cotton but it can also include silk or wool. All of which are spun into yarn on a charkha (spinning wheel) to produce khadi. This makes pure khadi an extremely versatile fabric, perfect for summer use.

Pro tip: Khadi, like cotton, can shrink so make sure you starch it well and wear it fresh and stiff.



Linen Perfect for Summer

Linen one of the world's oldest fabrics are made from the flax plant and is known for its cool consistency. The fabric's natural fibres allow it to breathe, making it perfect for summer.

Pro tip: Like most other light-weight fabrics, linen wrinkles easily. But the good thing is, it isn't a stubborn fabric. A spray of water and smoothening with your hand can straighten out the wrinkles on this cloth.



Rayon Textured Fabric

Rayon is not a natural fabric, but who says manmade fabrics can't be breathable? Rayon is made from cellulose that is extracted from trees and can be treated to serve as a light-weight, textured fabric.

Pro tip: Rayon is not as absorbent as cotton but is lightweight so you can wear it in pastel shades and flowy outfits.


Crochet lace fabric

Crochet lace fabric

Yes, crochet is not a fabric but a knitting technique and crochet lace as a fabric can be used for clothing. Knit by hand or machine, crochet lace is made from yarn or cotton thread and is made into a web like a pattern. These patterns when stitched together make lace fabrics that can be crafted into lovely outfits.

Pro tip: Crochet clothes are delicate and need to be layered with apt inners. The up-side is that you can change the colour of your lining and that will give you a new look.

Image Credit:, shutterstock.