The monsoon has arrived and we’re a bit divided about it considering it brings with it so many contradictions. We love the weather but the muck is a pain, we love the rains splashing on our windows but can’t stand the puddles, we love to gorge on the fried food but we don’t want a sore throat. And if all that wasn’t enough, then there are these complex paradoxes with regard to fashion that one needs to be careful of. Confused? Well, don’t be. Read on as we list a few fashion faux pas to help you ace that monsoon wardrobe…

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Fabric too flimsy

While synthetics fabrics might be a go-to during the monsoon, be wary of materials that will hug your body when wet. And of course, while we understand your love for whites avoid wearing them in fabrics that are either see-through or are too bulky (white jeans) to be worn when it pours. All it takes is a shower from your look to go from classy to tacky. Opt for soft fabrics such as cotton trousers or shorts over denims because a wet pair of jeans can take as long as an entire day to dry.

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This is no weather for leather

As much as we love our leather bags and shoes and as much as we love to flaunt them, monsoon is no weather for them. No points for guessing that leather goes bad in the monsoon. One, it attracts fungus and two it loses its luster once it comes in contact with moisture. Opt for PVC coats, bags and boots instead and save those for better days.

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Avoid the junk jewelry

Artificial jewelry is best kept at bay when it comes to monsoon looks because the moisture can cause the metal to rust which in turn can lead to skin irritation and allergies. And although we’d all love for the chunky jewelry to add an edge to our outfits, it is a bad idea for the skin. Monsoon-driven skin allergies are already a pain to deal with and artificial metal/ jewelry can further complicate matters.

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Footwear fail

It is extremely important to be on the lookout for the right foot wear especially in the rains. A faulty air of flip-flops that leaves your feet open for ruin in the rains is a bad idea as opposed to the rain boots that will cover your feet and keep them safe. Another shoe mistake to avoid during the rains is the heels. Pretty as they may be, it is best to avoid wearing 4-inch heels during the rains. The heels are capable of slipping, breaking and making life uncomfortable in general.

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Off with the sleeves and fits too tight

Clothes that are too clingy and tight for comfort can expose your skin in weird ways when wet and eventually cause skin irritation. Also avoid full sleeves for the simple reason that they are far too much of wet clothing to carry once wet and is uncomfortable.  Short dresses, no matter how cute don’t score the best when it comes to functionality (such as running for cover in a cloudburst) and can cause a certain amount of discomfort if you’re caught in a downpour so it is best to save them for better weather.