5 Highlights Of The Gennext Show At Lakmé Fashion Week S/R 2017

Written by Chandni GhoshFeb 02, 2017
The GenNext show at Lakmé Fashion Week is always one of the most anticipated ones. After all, some of the most talented newbies make their debut on this prestigious platform. Wondering what made the cut for us this time at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017? Here’s a low-down...

Make way for rope twist braids

Shoes on point

Hairdos are always an interesting part of runway looks and this time at the GenNext show at Lakmé Fashion Week, we witnessed rope twist braids that went perfectly with the looks on the runway. The hair was left sleek with a braid at the back. Next time you want a fuss free hairdo, keep this one in mind!


Traditional meets contemporary

Shoes on point

Soumodeep Dutta's twist to his ‘laal paar saada sari’ collection was a complete delight. There were draped silhouettes and modern cuts but he kept the essence of the Bengali traditional sari alive through his colours. What a way to make tradition come alive!


Exaggerated sleeves for the win

Shoes on point

Dramatic sleeves always catch our eye. Ishanee Mukherjee and Anirudh Chawla’s exaggerated tiered sleeved outfits had us cheering in excitement. Plus, there was our favourite part—sheer! Talk about statement-making couture.


Unique backdrops

Shoes on point

One of the most unique parts about Lakmé Fashion Week is always the artsy backdrops that form an interesting setup for the shows. And we’ve got to say, this one at Nakita Singh’s show, with black-and-white illustrations of her collection totally had us rooting for her.


Shoes on point

Shoes on point

Poochki’s shoes were yet another fave part for us at Lakmé Fashion Week. Sketched sneakers with flatform heels went perfectly with the cool vibe of the show. Don’t you think?

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