5 Of Fashion’s Most Iconic Handbags

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 18, 2016
Every time a luxury brand launches a new line of bags, we feel guilty about not saving up enough. As much as we love new collections, the value of classic bags will never go down—they’ve been around for years and are till date, one of the most popular bags of the respective designer houses. Here’s a low-down on those luxury handbags that are all-time favourites of every fashionista in town...

Chanel 2.55

Gucci bamboo bag

This bag, which was released back in 1955, continues to be on every girl’s lust list. Coco Chanel came up with this shoulder-strap bag because she realised that women were having to carry their bags in their hands all along. Its design first had a mademoiselle lock but it was only later that Karl Lagerfeld introduced the C’s as the locks.


Lady Dior

Gucci bamboo bag

It’s hard to miss the Lady Dior campaign with Marion Cotillard as the face of the brand. But little do you know that this bag was born back in 1955 and is named after Lady Diana whom it was gifted to. The bag has signature Dior Cannage stitching—a quality that makes it one of the most coveted luxury bags of the world.


<a href="/fashion/people-and-parties/fashion-designer-marc-jacobs">Louis Vuitton</a> Speedy

Gucci bamboo bag

This one’s got its zip-top shape along with the shoulder strap and top handle combo.  The Speedy is so iconic that several bag brands have imitated it over the years. Not many know that it was Audrey Hepburn who is actually responsible for the creation of the bag since she first requested LV to turn the Keepall travel bag into a smaller size—something that led to the birth of the Speedy.


Lulu Guinness

Gucci bamboo bag

Designer Lulu Guinness has often stated that her influences behind the famous lip clutch is none other than Salvador Dali’s Mae West lip couch from 1937. Launched in 2004, this bag soon became every star’s red carpet favourite. The original clutch came in red snakeskin but given the popularity that this bag attained in little time, it is now available in variety of designs.


Gucci bamboo bag

Gucci bamboo bag

Created in 1947, the bamboo-handle was actually because of the war time shortage. But it was due to this bag that Gucci almost became synonymous with its bamboo prints. So much so that after the bamboo bag, Gucci lovers witnessed bamboo on scarves as well as watch straps!

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