There is no doubt that pictures, whether consumed online or in print, are still one of the most favourable ways of showcasing a product. With fashion, most things depend on the way clothes are presented. Moving images have always enticed and involved consumers which is why fashion films become a great marketing tool to effectively represent an aesthetic story for a brand. Often interspersed with humour, drama and music, here are five fashion films that promise to be a visual treat in little less than five minutes…

Holy Holi by Manish Arora

Shot in Benaras and directed by ace photographer Bharat Sikka, Holy Holi celebrates a riot of colours and women empowerment through Manish Arora’s flamboyant yet wonderfully crafted designs. Apart from strong visuals, the designer also shot with the widows from Benaras who wore coloured clothes for the first time (since the demise of their spouses) in this fashion film.Rome Photoshoot by Maral Yazarloo

Pune-based designer Maral Yazarloo has wonderfully shot this film against the backdrop of the dreamy by lanes of Rome. It showcases the intricate detailing of his heavily embroidered kurtas and assorted fabric in a near perfect setting. Brownie points to the ethereal location that brings out the true colour of clothes.‘Strung Together’ by Sreejith Jeevan

If you are one of those who likes to know more about different weaving and stitching techniques but are still too pressed for time to go to a handloom factory, we suggest you sit back and watch Sreejith Jeevan’s photographic fashion film that explains the designer’s stitching process in the most elegant manner.‘Eastern Art Deco’ by Nitya Arora

Whether you are looking for some art inspiration or just love glaring at beautiful accessories, ‘Eastern Art Deco’ by Nitya Arora showcases some east inspired, big, gold jewellery that is so realistic that you have to ensure you don’t reach out to the screen to feel the intricacy of the design on your fingertips. Must watch for all fashion accessory maniacs!‘Beautiful Hands’ by Ritu Kumar

Divided into four videos explaining the different stages of design such as weaving, printing, hand embroidery and factory, the video takes the customer into the private space of the designer which for the first time, showcases her karigars at work. Truly amazing, especially if you love looking at the process of design at every stage.Image credit