Some fashion trends never seem to fade out and make us either cringe or reach out for our reflector sunnies! The bandage dress trend is the first thing that hits the mind, not to mention its myriad variations. One can't picture a Bollywood party or any fashion week without a few starlets bandaged in these. Some of them in fact threaten to spill out of these body-con numbers but refuse to ditch them no matter what. Also, anything remotely coming across as 'fun' is labelled 'quirky'. The phrase 'quirky print' has been the most abused one in the fashion lexicon over the last few seasons. Can we please get back to normalcy and ditch the clichéd 'quirk'? Here's the lowdown on some of the cringe-worthy trends which we wish never to see on the ramp…

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Banish the bandage

The house of Hervé Léger invented them in the 80s and later BCBG Max Azria and other fashion houses did their own take on them. However, Indian socialites and party hearties still haven’t tired of wearing them. If someone says, “I'll wear a bandage, no matter what,” the translation is, “I've got a fab body and won't let you forget it!”

In fact, some of the out-of-shape fashion enthusiasts too have succumbed to the bandage fever though, we might add, with little success.

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Kill the quirk

Masaba Gupta started the print movement in India a few seasons ago—with lipsticks, scissors, fire crackers, water bottles or table plates—she's beautifully translated the mundane into updated style separates. However, every other up-and-coming brand has aped the print model calling it 'quirky'. Honey, hate to burst your bubble but a moustache print is far from 'quirky' and so is a car print look from head to toe. Indian fashion is reeling under the print overkill and we seriously need a break.

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Thou shall not showcase anarkalis

What most Indian women don't get is the fact that the anarkali silhouette doesn't flatter the Indian body type. One has to be tall, fine-limbed and athletic to pull it off. However, most designers are still churning out the dated silhouette in the form of dresses, salwar kameezes and lehengas. The silhouette is terribly last season and done to death. Perhaps it should be kept in some archive unless someone wishes to look like a relic from the past.

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Say no to neon

It's common sense more than anything to understand that neon tones don't really flatter the Indian skin tone. Designers need to stop showcasing flaming, jarring head-to-toe neon ensembles, which do little for our dusky, olive complexion. Maybe if the acid tones are such a turn-on for you then why not play with them in accessories as accents instead!

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Never reference the 80s

Most of us were born in that decade but that doesn't mean we need to fall for that era's ugliness out of sheer nostalgia. We hate to be a wet blanket but garments with 80's power shoulder padding should not be touched with a barge pole. It wasn't cool back then and it's uncool even now.