5 Ways To Take Any Outfit From Drab To Fab —The Party Edition

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurOct 04, 2018
5 Ways to Take Any Outfit from Drab to Fab —The party edition
Ladies! If you’ve lost track of time because your life is a rollercoaster of events, parties, weddings and work let us remind you that we’re in November and it’s only going to get more hectic from now. But, we’re not complaining because we love this kind of hectic. The party season comes with its perks, sure, but it also comes with its fair share of problems. Problems like spending too much money, eating and drinking way out of proportion and having to wear a variety of party outfits because obviously, you can’t wear the same thing every time. Are you going through the same? If yes, then fret not; as we’re here to help you with some ways you can transform your old drab outfits into fab party outfits in no time. Here are 5 ways to do so..

Skirt over Mini

Corset + Thigh High Boots

We all have that one short, bodycon dress lying in our closets, perhaps you’ve used it a bit too much and are bored of it now. You can instantly transform this dress into a party outfit by wearing a fitted sequin or a metallic skirt on top! That way, you spend just on the skirt and can create a whole new outfit out of the dress.


Not So Basic Denim

Corset + Thigh High Boots

Give your basic denim a party makeover with this tip. Slip into a pair of fishnet stockings and wear your favourite ripped denim over it. This trend is huge and can look amazing with a halter top. There, we just helped you transform your basic denim into party denim!


Party Jacket

Corset + Thigh High Boots

An element of bling can transform your look in seconds, and there’s nothing better than a bling jacket to justify the above statement. Be it a basic dress, a simple top paired with jeans or even a long dress, throwing on a bling jacket/cape can instantly draw the attention to itself making it the hero element of your outfit.


Skirt over Shirtdress

Corset + Thigh High Boots

Your shirt dress and your mini skirt can be really basic as separates, but when you combine both of them together, you’re creating a trendsetting look. The skirt over shirtdress is a recent trend that everyone’s trying and can make for a stunning party outfit!


Corset + Thigh High Boots

Corset + Thigh High Boots

If your t-shirt dresses are your ultimate comfort zone staple and you wish to tweak it a little to make it an ideal party outfit, all you need is a corset belt and a pair of sexy thigh high boots to transform your basic outfit instantly into a party outfit!

And these were the 5 ways you can take basics from your wardrobe and transform them into party outfits in a jiffy. So, go ahead, save some money and get creative with your clothes!

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