6 Bell-Sleeved Pieces Your Closet Deserves

Written by Chandni GhoshJul 18, 2016
If there’s one thing the fashion moghuls have been trying to tell us, it is the fact that bell-sleeves are the newest way to get retro back into our lives. The suckers for fashion that we are, we’ve been spending time filling our wardrobes with bell sleeves dresses and tops. If you’ve been bitten by this bug too, here are a few pieces to get your hands on…

bell sleeved sheer black blouse

Nothing spells girlie chic better than bell sleeves plus lace. Wear this one with a pair of well-fitted denims and you’ll have cool written all over you.

You can buy this blouse from Norsdstrom for 2780

bell sleeved sheer black blouse

Sometimes we like to play it girlie and sometimes, cool. But what happens when a dress has both in the form of a tie-dye bell-sleeved dress? We waste no time in getting our hands on it!

You can buy this dress on Misguided for 1626

bell sleeved sheer black blouse

A bright-coloured crop top in bell-sleeves? Now that’s our idea of sexy! Make sure you wear a striking bralette inside to give the look a spin.

You can buy this top on Nelly for 542

bell sleeved sheer black blouse

Printed dresses are our weakness. And when they have bell-sleeves, we heart them even more. This one with a floral design caught our fancy. Does it get your vote too?

You can buy this dress on Aliexpress for 1017

bell sleeved sheer black blouse

If like us, you’re drawn towards pastels, this bell-sleeved pink dress is for you. Simple yet feminine, isn’t it?

You can buy this dress at Olio Online for 3200

bell sleeved sheer black blouse

We might be obsessed with rainbow colours, but black will always hold a special place in our heart. Exactly why this bell-sleeved sheer black blouse is our next party piece.

You can buy this blouse on Asos for 1085

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