6 Different Metallic Shoe Styles And How To Wear Them

Written by Team BBAug 09, 2017
6 different metallic shoe styles and how to wear them
Technically, metallic footwear could go on anything from a dress to a pantsuit. The only way that you could go wrong with it is if you decide to pair it with a metallic outfit, which is probably when you’ve crossed the line from being regular girl with a nice pair of metallic shoes to an underdressed and ill equipped space cadet. That being said, here are 6 metallic shoe styles you can choose from…

Metallic sneakers

Metallic block heels

Nike dropped these metallic sneakers as an addition to their Thea line in the summer of 2016, and within weeks they were seen gracing the streets of NY, Paris and London.

Rely on them to take your basic, monochrome outfit to the next level—be it a dress or a skirt/pants and a tank.


Metallic oxfords

Metallic block heels

Frankly, we don’t even think you need to justify having a pair of these in silver, dull gold and rose gold! Take a page from all round stylish person Olivia Palermo’s and wear them unabashedly for a day spent running across the city ticking things off your long list of weekend chores or pair them with your shortest LBD for your next casual evening out.


Metallic heels

Metallic block heels

Stilettoes can be daunting and the tasks gets manifold if you add a shiny, metallic layer to it. If you’re willing to give these a try, wear them traditionally and let them be the single element of bling in your outfit, or in the off chance that you’re daring enough like Kate Bosworth, you can venture towards wearing them with something just as dressy.


Metallic sliders

Metallic block heels

Who doesn’t need a pair of these, especially in the summer and perhaps the monsoon too, eh? Birks are (still) enjoying their moment in the spotlight so it should come as no surprise that we’ve relied on a pair of these metallic sliders to get us through our most drab wardrobe days. Our fave combo? Shorts + casual jersey + metallic sliders.


Metallic sandals

Metallic block heels

There’s one reason why metallic sandals and kitten heels will never go out of fashion—their versatility. You could wear them with all of your traditional Indian outfits (you could never have too much of bling there,) or make an unconventional choice with something a little offbeat. Either way, it’s a given that delicate sandals in sober colours could never be a mismatch.


Metallic block heels

Metallic block heels

With most high-street brands offering an open and closed toe version of these, it’s no surprise that everyone’s landing a pair. Silver happens to be a popular choice because you can wear it with anything, but remember, you don’t need to hold back if you want to own a glittery green or shiny fuchsia. Sure, you might not be able to wear the latter too often but the one time you do, you’ll know what head turners they really are!

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