7 Fashion Commandments To Swear By

Written by Khubi Amin AhmedFeb 17, 2016
7 fashion commandments to swear by
In the ever changing, volatile fashion industry where fashion trends are seasonal and fashion forever evolving, wardrobe rules can’t always stay constant. And yet, there are a few classic fashion staples that won’t going out of style, irrespective of the time and season. Ladies, here is listing some of those standard fashion guide lines you can swear by.

#1: Always accessorize yourself well

#7: Stick to ‘some’ style staples

How you accessorise yourself speaks volumes about your dressing sense. Make sure you match your accessories to the occasion. A statement necklace with something basic and understated anything when you’re experimenting with prints are a part of the rulebook.


#2: Always put quality over quantity

#7: Stick to ‘some’ style staples

Just like the classic black Givenchy dress Audrey Hepburn wore in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ that has still retained its popularity, quality classic cuts will live in your wardrobe forever. So invest in outfits that you know will outlive the latest trends and survive you in the years to come.


#3: Invest in good lingerie

#7: Stick to ‘some’ style staples

There’s no bigger faux pas than an ill-fitted bra! Investing in good, basic and appropriate lingerie that complements your outfits is the most important fashion investment you will ever make. One simple example is to never wear a push-up bra under a T-shirt for the simple reason that it wasn't made or designed for a T-shirt.


#4: Always wear your personality on your sleeve

#7: Stick to ‘some’ style staples

Your personal style should always be synonymous with your personality, never wear clothes that don’t define you. Allow your style to be an expression of who you are and let your clothes reflect it. Being individualistic in your style is the one commandment that is never going out of fashion.


#5: Not follow trends blindly (trends be tricky)

#7: Stick to ‘some’ style staples

Trends are tricky and you should be careful with the ones you adopt. Not all trends are meant for your skin or body type/ shape and it is extremely important to know what works for you and what does not. We suggest you stick to only trying trends that highlight your assets and not otherwise.


#6: Ensure you are dressed in the right proportion

#7: Stick to ‘some’ style staples

Balance is key, period! When it comes to dressing well, make sure you don’t get your proportions wrong. When wearing a flowy top, go for fitted bottoms and vice versa. When wearing a loose top your bottoms could use being tight, when wearing a well fitted top teaming it with baggy pants will do you ample good!


#7: Stick to ‘some’ style staples

#7: Stick to ‘some’ style staples

White shirts, a standard pair of blue jeans, some classic blazers in different cuts or pairs of black and nude stilettos; some simple yet standard pieces like these that are your multipurpose go-to outfits need a permanent spot in your wardrobe, in multiple variations.

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