Yes, we have a special place in our hearts for sneakers but do your feet feel good in them during the summers all cramped up? We bet not! Your answer to the searing heat lies in airy flats that are stylish yet help your feet breathe! Here’s some much-needed inspo for your summer shoe wardrobe...

Blush pink sandals

Blush pink sandals? Totally doable! And when they have floral appliques on them, they are exactly what summer dreams are made up of. Can’t go without them this season!

Wear them with an easy-breezy white midi dress

You can buy these flats from Charles & Keith for 4999

metallic sneakers

Metallic sneakers have had their moments of glory. Now it’s time for metallic flats to enter your wardrobe. After all, what’s summer without a hint of bling, right?

Wear them with an itsy bitsy denim embroidered skirt and a white shirt

You can buy these flats from Forever 21 India for 1599

strappy flats

Aren’t these purple strappy flats absolutely yummy? Summers are for leaving your monochrome wardrobe behind and braving new colours and these flats seem to fit right in!

Wear them with a light grey dress

You can buy these flats from Charles & Keith for 4999

Chiara ferragni flirting eye shoes

You know how Chiara Ferragni’s flirting eye shoes became oh so popular? You can get similar ones for a lesser price in the form of these cute flats!

Wear them with your skinny jeans on a casual day out

You can buy these flats from Koovs for 1295

classic flats

If you’re always leaning towards blacks when it comes to footwear, these classic slip ons are perfect for that androgynous vibes.

Wear them with ripped mom jeans and a black tee

You can buy these flats from Mango for 3590

flats with pompoms

How can summers go without pompoms! These sliders with pompoms will add the right dash of colour and perfection to your casual wardrobe.

Wear them with a pair of jogger pants

You can buy these flats from Mango for 4590

latest shoes

If you’ve been reading about the latest trends, you’d know that mules have been quite the popular shoes lately. Precisely why we’ve added these mustard mules to our shopping list this season.

Wear them with a tiny drop waist dress

You can buy these flats from Zara for 2990

closed shoes

If you’re the kind who likes to wear closed shoes yet want your feet to breathe, these strappy espadrilles are perfect for the season. Also, who can say no to checks?

Wear them with cutesy pair of shortalls

You can buy these flats from Zara for 3990