8 Types Of Shoes Every Girl Must Own.

Written by Team BBSep 16, 2023
8 Types of Shoes Every Girl Must Own.
You know how we ladies can never have enough shoes, right? Here are 8 more reasons in the form of must-have shoes that I give to you, not that you need any, to go out and indulge in some shoe shopping. How many and which of them do you own?

1. Ballet Flats

8.	Kolhapuris

This pair is perhaps the most versatile of its kind because of how well it can go with different looks. Whether you’re wearing a dress, skinny jeans, a skirt or even shorts, a cute pair of solid coloured ballets flats will do justice to all these outfits, and more.
Having a pair of good quality black ballet flats handy is always a good idea.


2. Black Pumps

8.	Kolhapuris

These pairs of heels are an essential in any woman’s wardrobe. Whether you’re all about heels, or are one to absolutely avoid them, a black pair of pencil heeled pumps is simply a must-have. They could either be made up of suede material or from patent leather. Black pumps look really classy and can absolutely up your style game, no matter the occasion.


3. Strappy Heels

8.	Kolhapuris

If you wish to make a statement at a party, there’s no better way we can think of than storming the party dressed sexy and wearing a gorgeous pair of strappy heels. The stiletto heels on these strappy bad boys are sure to bring out the fierce, feminine side of you. A classic black strappy pair is certainly a must-have, but then again, when have we ever been satisfied with just one?


4. Flip flops

8.	Kolhapuris

The most convenient and easy-to-wear of them all are the flip-flops. Not only are they easily available in vibrant, fun colours and patterns, but they’re also extremely comfortable to wear. If you’re going to the park, have some errands to run or are simply going to the beach for a stroll, a pair of flip-flops will always be the best friend to your feet!


5. Converse

8.	Kolhapuris

If you’re going to be out and about, running errands, going to the amusement park or simply for a breath of fresh air, you can always slip into a pair of the most famous type of sneakers ever made and worn, the Converse. A completely white or black pair of Converse shoes is a girl’s best friend. So we would recommend that you invest in a pair of black solids, just to start off with. Trust us on this, you’ll not regret it.


6. Ankle Boots

8.	Kolhapuris

If you wish to exhibit the rocker/biker chick side of you to the world, ankle boots are going to do just the job for you. Pair black suede boots with black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket, and you’re all set to ride off into the horizon, your favourite rock music playing in your ears. Now, all you need is a bike! *wink wink*


7. Strappy Flats

8.	Kolhapuris

Just like a pair of strappy heels, a pair of strappy sandals tied right up to the ankle will make your feet look feminine and exquisitely graceful. A pair of strappy flats goes excellently with a shot summer dress or a dainty little skirt.


8. Kolhapuris

8.	Kolhapuris

Keep a pair of silver or golden Kolhapuris handy always, since these are the kind of ethnic footwear that pair perfectly with just about any Indian outfit, be it kurtis or otherwise. Pairing silver Kolhapuris with a short kurti worn on top of skinny jeans sounds like the perfect Indo-Western ensemble.

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