8 Ways To Style Brooches

Written by Chandni GhoshJan 27, 2016
If you ask us, we’re a little bored of the same ol’ kind of jewellery in our bauble box. Precisely why we’re depending on the brooch to be our accessory of choice lately. From funky ones to delicate pieces, brooches will instantly revamp your look. What’s best, they’re the perfect way to give your boring clothes a brand new makeover! Want to know how to wear them? Take a look.

Dress up your collars

Clip it in your hair

Move over bow ties; if you’re the kind who likes to pretty up your collars, add a collar brooch on them. Sure shot way to get compliments galore!


Flaunt on rolled up sleeves

Clip it in your hair

Who would’ve thought that you could actually wear a pretty brooch on your sleeves? Wear them on the part towards the elbow where your shirt sleeves are rolled up. Make sure you place it in such a way that it comes into focus as you move around.


Pretty up your jacket

Clip it in your hair

Think your jacket is too drab? Add some brooches on it! You can either place them on the edges towards the zipper or even gather them on one side toward the shoulder. So stunning!


Spice up your skirt

Clip it in your hair

Want to wear your brooch in a fun way? Attach it to the waist of your skirt and flaunt it with the right tee or shirt. But make sure it’s strategically placed and does not get concealed by your tee.


Add it to your hat

Clip it in your hair

The best way to add fun to a floppy hat is by adding a striking brooch to it. Just clip it anywhere you think it will get maximum visibility and wear it for a cool and casual look.


Jazz up your sweater

Clip it in your hair

Nothing looks prettier than tiny yet gorgeous brooches worn over a sweater. Gather multiple pieces and wear them on the shoulders of your sweater—perfect way to stand out!


Wear it like a neckpiece

Clip it in your hair

Bored of the same ol’ white shirt? Give it a new look by adding multiple brooches on the neckline or collars. Trust us, your white shirt would have never looked better!


Clip it in your hair

Clip it in your hair

If you love experimenting with your hair, adding a brooch to soft wavy tresses will look absolutely breathtaking. So when you’re about to head to a party but in doubt about your hairstyle, just add an attractive brooch to your hair!

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