Autumn Wardrobe Essentials That You Need In Your Closet Right Now!

Written by Team BBSep 16, 2023
Autumn wardrobe essentials that you need in your closet right now!
If you’re anything like us, you probably can’t wait for the season of pumpkin spiced lattes to start. And we love layering on our clothes as well. Who would want to forego an opportunity to wear as many cute items of clothing as possible, all at the same time? In order to get you prepped for the coming months, we’ve prepared a list of all those essential items that you absolutely just need to have in your wardrobe.

An oversized sweater

It’ll soon be the season when it is socially acceptable to wear those mustard crewnecks you’ve hidden at the back of your closet! Whether you choose to go for the classic turtleneck or opt for a more casual-but-comfortable chunky knit one, a good quality sweater is absolutely essential in order to survive the autumns.

A pair of classic boots

A blanket scarf

If you haven’t invested in a brilliant pair of boots as yet, we’re confident that what we say next will definitely sell you the idea. Good boots are everything, edgy-yet-feminine, classy-yet-comfortable and so on. They even give you a bit of extra height, making your legs look longer and sexier. In fact, we can say with absolute confidence that the season hasn’t really arrived for you unless you’re rocking your favourite pair of ankle-length boots.


Few pairs of well-cut trousers

A blanket scarf

We’ve left the selection of the trousers completely open on purpose. It could be a perfectly tailored pair of dark wash jeans, tight leather trousers, or even something in corduroy; the possibilities are truly endless. The only suggestion we have for you is to go all out. Autumn is one of the best opportunities to strut your stuff in that outrageously bold pair of plaid flare pants that you swore you would wear when you saw them online, but were just too chicken to wear after trying them on in front of your closet mirror.


A tan bag

A blanket scarf

Whether you need your bag to function as a bottomless pit for all the unnecessary trash that you just “have” to fit in or whether you’re the I-just-need-my-phone-and-keys kind of woman, you definitely need to invest in a good tan handbag if you haven’t already. And the best part would be that the bag would totally match with all the gorgeous orangey-brown leaves surrounding you in autumn!



A blanket scarf

For all of you ladies that spend the entirety of autumn pining for the colours of summer, we’ve got your back. By picking a great burgundy or forest green maxi-dress, you can always pretend like it is still summer while also giving off that essentially autumnal vibe. Life is all about finding the middle ground after all, isn’t it?



A blanket scarf

Plaid pajamas, a plaid buttoned down, plaid skirts, plaid coats and many more. Name any clothing item and we’re sure that it’ll be out there in plaid. It’s comfy, casual and cute and you just cannot go wrong with it. Paired with mom jeans and some sneakers, you’ll be all ready to rock the streets this autumn.


A blanket scarf

A blanket scarf

Its very appeal lies foremost in its name. It is quite literally a portable blanket. Need to take a nap on the train to work? Oh, look! Here’s a blanket scarf to keep you warm and comfortable throughout your journey. Has your seating at work been giving you neck cramps? Use your trusty blanket scarf for some extra cushioning. Come on now, what more could you ask for? Whether you choose to go in for a printed scarf or a plain one, it is undeniable that a scarf can add that extra bit of oomph to your otherwise completely mundane looking outfit.

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