With her stunning looks and keen sartorial sense, actor Ileana D’Cruz knows a thing a two about staying stylish in any weather. She tells us how she dresses during this season’s downpours.

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Do you like the monsoons? What does it remind you of?
I love the monsoons! My fondest memories of this season are when I lived in Goa and the rain would come thundering down. We'd have power cuts so we'd spend most chilly nights indoors having dinner in candlelight and playing board games.

What do you like most about this weather? What do you dislike?
The weather gets cool and there's nothing better than staying indoors and watching one of your favourite movies while cuddled up on a couch. The worst part is just having to commute in Mumbai through muddy puddles and dealing with flooded roads and traffic jams.

Favourite thing to do when it’s raining?
I love staying home and enjoying watching the rain from my balcony. Just pottering about the kitchen, cooking up some comfort food or vegging out in front of the television is perfect for me.

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What is the best way to stay stylish during the monsoons?
I love to pick out colourful funky umbrellas or if you can get your hands on a pair of gumboots, that’s great! Nothing gets me more nostalgic about my childhood days than a pair of good ol' gumboots! And they're very practical too. You can go back to those days when jumping into muddy puddles of water was so much fun!

A colour you identify with this season?
Oddly enough, the colour yellow. It's such a happy colour and it reminds me of the movie Singing in the Rain, which is one of my favourites. And just because it's dreary and dull outside, all the more reason to make it more fun with some colourful clothes.

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Clothes you like wearing? What would you not wear?
I prefer wearing shorts or cut-off trousers, something that's fun but also practical. I wouldn't wear jeans unless they're folded up so they stay out of the way of puddles.

Favourite shopping haunts during this season?
I prefer shopping at high-street labels like Zara, Forever 21 and Forever New.

How would you dress for a night out when it’s pouring?
A short cocktail dress is probably your best bet for a night out. You could even wear cropped fitted trousers with a formal blouse paired with some low heels. I find it most convenient to travel in rainy flats and change into my party shoes at the venue. That way, you get to wear your favourite shoes without worrying about getting them spoiled in the rain!

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Rain gear you favour?
A sturdy but fun umbrella, a good light rain jacket and a cute pair of gumboots or rainy flats.

How do you stay fit? Is it hard especially when the rains disrupt your normal routine?
I love going for a run normally but when it’s raining that can get a little tricky. I do stretches and sets of squats, lunges and a bit of cardio indoors. These exercises are so basic that you can do them in your living room, bathroom, bedroom—actually anywhere! If you can't go outside because it’s raining then walk or run up and down a flight of stairs as well. That should be good for a bit of cardio.

Images Courtesy: HOTURE