Believe it or not, there’s quite a few things we can learn from reality starlet, Kim Kardashian. Some of them include how to get a razor sharp face contour and a few tips for maternity dressing. Last week the glamazon dished out yet another fashion tip that’s got the interwebz buzzing.

fashion trend kim kardashians tape bra trick

You’ve got to admit that if there’s a plunging neckline, Kim is probably wearing it. Along with favouring bodycon fits, the girl loves a deep cut with a hint of cleavage. Especially with fuller breasts ranging upwards of a B cup; if not worn carefully, a peek of cleavage can quickly go from sexy to smutty. So when it comes to low necklines, we’re apprehensive and choose stick to adhesive bras and silicone cups.

latest fashion trend kim kardashians tape bra trick

Over the weekend, Kim K dropped a fashion secret over at her official app, which might come as a saviour for fuller breasted woman everywhere to sport those low cuts.
For her D cup breasts, Kardashian shuns the lingerie and instead opts for tape. Yes, you did hear that right! Kim admits that for red carpet events and photoshoots, she chooses tape to give her girls a lift, keep them taut under her clothing and end up with the perfect cleavage. The application process of the tape bra involves sticking tape from her shoulders downwards over her chest until her ribcage. The tape doubles up as straps for complete support.
Her advice? Shun the lotion before taping down your chest since that could affect the adhesive.

And yes, brace yourself when it's time remove the tape.

bb fashion trend kim kardashians tape bra trick

The bra fashioned out of gaffer tape has caught on quickly as a trend, which small and larger breasted women are trying out for comparison. While many report that the trick makes the cleavage look good to a degree, it is not suggested for sensitive skin and doesn’t give the support that a bra does. It is also good to note that Kim’s preferred gaffer tape is a stronger version of duct tape and is used to tape down wires in construction and heat sensitive areas. For that cleavage that doesn’t reveal too much, we’d suggest opting for bra tape to secure your chest that can also be gentle on your skin.

Image Credits: Daily Mail, Business Women Media