From hippie tassel takes to bold and romantic details, we’re big on all things metal.
And when it comes to doing justice to these super haute jewellery trends, we’re thinking more along the lines of structured dresses and busy prints.

international jewellery trend 430x550

Bold romanticism
Colourful jewels and pearls embedded in delicate gold bangles, rings and cuffs with a medieval nod define the more is more trend of the season. So the next time you dress for a date, remember to keep your accents bolder for a look that could be classified as old-school romantic.

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international jewellery trend metalics 430x550

Tassel take
The obsession 70s style found its way to OTT metallic beads and tassels in necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Swap your classic gold studs with these tassel boho beauties to amp up your classic white shirt.

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international jewellery trend choker 430x550

Choke clasp
All about the tight embrace, the choker is back but chic this time with metals, gems and chunky pendants. Wear this over a solid coloured blouse with a deep neckline and let it grab all the attention.

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international jewellery trend askrew crew 430x550

Askew crew
A new take on ear ornamentation find beauty in irregularity with the Askrew Crew. That’s jewellery lingo for unbalanced, differently coloured, shaped earrings. Something reserved for the more daring kind, we’re definitely intend to give this a shot this summer.

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international jewellery trend edgy pendants 430x550

Edgy pendants
Change the game to update your basics with pendants that tell a story of their own. Reserve this regal chunk for happening nights out and for a bolder take to up your casual style game.

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