The Best Of Street Style From All The International Fashion Weeks

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 25, 2018
We’ve bid adieu to the international fashion weeks but it won’t be wrong to say that we’re having a bit of a fashion hangover. From colour trends to silhouettes and accessories—New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks sure had us asking for more! Want to know which looks made it to our best street style appearances? Scroll down...

<a href="">New York Fashion Week</a>

<a href="">Paris Fashion Week</a>

  • The golden yellow game

    It’s not yellow, it’s not golden—it’s the perfect mix of both. That’s the colour trend of the season. And this knotted blouse sure made that loud and clear.
  • Red pleats

    For us, this was perfection at NYFW—there was a flowy red number with burgundy boots, sleek hair and itsy bitsy sunnies—all yummy!
  • Cool in colour blocked

    Ever tried colour blocking your outfit and your bag? If not, let this be your cue to pull the look off. The yellow bag offsets beautifully against the orange maxi. Take us to candyland, already!


London Fashion Week

<a href="">Paris Fashion Week</a>

  • All black everything

    All black—it never goes out of style. And when you have Alexa Chung wearing it, it’s bound to be a fashion trend. That shiny black shirt is everything, ladies.
  • Millennial pink skirt suit

    A skirt suit in millennial pink? Yes, please! Wear that with brogues and socks and you’re sure to be a street style star!
  • Ruffled sleeved blazer

    We’ve been through our phase of big, bold sleeves. Upgrade that just a wee bit by wearing a big, bold ruffled sleeved blazer like this look. Love drama? Bring it on by taking this route!


<a href="">Milan Fashion Week</a>

<a href="">Paris Fashion Week</a>

  • Sheer magic

    It’s obvious—sheer isn’t going anywhere. And this sheer wine coloured number should tell you just that. Can’t deny yourself a bit of sexy, can you?
  • Cord suit

    Thought cords were buried in the past? It’s time to bring them back! This brown cord suit is perfection coupled with the beret. Nothing we’d change about this one!
  • All red everything

    Just like all black, all red is now actually a style statement. A red leather skirt, a red see-through blouse and red boots—it’s time to paint the town red, quite literally!


<a href="">Paris Fashion Week</a>

<a href="">Paris Fashion Week</a>

  • Front slits

    Since winter is already on its way, this look of a front slit skirt teamed with a knot top might just be the inspo you need. Hot, hot, hot!
  • Checks checklist

    Checks are always a good idea. Take cues from this girl who wore her simple number beautifully with white boots. Nicely done!
  • Embellished belts

    Forget leather belts. It’s time to embrace the embellished metal belts fashion trend that looks like jewels on the waist. Accessorise a simple white shirt-blue jeans look this way and you’ll never go wrong.

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