Stranger Trends: These bizarre fashion trends will turn your fashion sense on its head

Inspired by the popular sci-fi Netflix series Stranger Things and its supernatural realm called the ‘upside-down’ here is a fashion trend that is turning the standard denims and bikinis ‘upside-down’ quite literally!

Spot anything unusual? Take a closer look!

Spot anything unusual? Take a closer look!

Started by a vintage denim brand called CIE, this denim trend will invert the way you wear your denims.

Turning your good-old jeans on its head, this fashion trend calls for the standard pair of denim or shorts to be worn upside down. The design is literally inverted with the original hemline featuring as a high-rise waist and the belt loops and waistband at the bottom.
While the functionality of this trend remains questionable, you can’t deny how oddly interesting this look is. No wonder the brand is selling this trend for a whopping Rs.26,400 and the buyers don’t seem to mind!

Now we’ve seen everything!

Now we’ve seen everything!

In yet another case of a bizarre fashion trend making it big on Instagram, this one calls you to tie your bikini upside down.

Started by Italian model Valentina Fradegrada, this trend went viral and now has its own hashtag #upsidedownbikini and Instagram page with more than 30,000 followers!

Outlandish, yet so hot, this inverted bikini trend might not be functional but is well on its way to becoming the top international summer trend of 2018. 

Image Credit: Instagram – CIE Denims, upsidedownbikini_official

written by on Jul 11, 2018


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