Hot on the heels of spring/summer fashion forecasts, androgyny has never appeared so on-trend as it is now. From sheer pants cut in boxy silhouettes and over-sized crisp white shirts to scarves wrapped in a comfort-chic elegance and boyfriend borrowed blazers, it’s time to scoot those frills and bows to the far back of your closet and bring out the refined, unisexual threads.

androgyny tilla 430x550

Number one on your priority list while styling this trend is comfort! Wearable, walkable and with enough room for you to breathe in, there is nothing more – as fashion-conscious as you maybe be – you would want this blistering season.

Pictured here are easy, relaxed silhouettes from Tilla’s presentation at LFW S/S 2014.

androgyny 11 11 430x550

With an en-vogue, ageless and effortlessly cool air about it, this trend demands that you stay true to yourself, conform only to your instincts and change your complement of choice from flapper to dapper.

Image Credit: 11:11 LFW S/S 2014.

payal khandwala 430x550

Structured shapes and minimalist detailing—ladies, it’s time to bring out the white shirt. If you’re nervous about rocking the boyfriend baggy and button-downs without looking downright unattractive, you’re not alone. To save you the drama, we’ve paired classic white with the perfect touch of femininity to give you a polished, crisp and above all comfy look. You like?

Pictured here is the one label that trumps all when it comes to fabrics, textures and weaves—Payal Khandwala.

rajesh pratap singh 430x550

The options to borrow from the boys remain limitless. There’s no need to confine yourselves to that pair of clunky oxfords when you can just as well steal a perfectly bedazzled tux jacket and look twice as trendy, complete with that boyish charm.

Image Courtesy: Rajesh Pratap Singh LFW S/S 2014.

androgyny krishna mehta 430x550

Given the fact that we hail from a world of fusion (read: east meets west), you have the opportunity to don trends in a plethora of avatars. So, whether it’s drapes in khadi or a simply slacking those stilettos—it’s time to embrace that tomboy in you, desi style.

Image Courtesy: Krishna Mehta LFW S/S 2014.

androgyny sayantan sarkar at lfw sr 2014 430x550

Give your florals a rest (for the time being) while you gender-bend your wardrobe. Make your life easier and step up your game. What are your thoughts on this beyond stylish pair of dhoti-inspired pants courtesy Sayantan Sarkar?