Want to wear your attitude on your sleeve, literally? It’s totally possible, thanks to the many conversation pieces available on the web now. So go ahead, let your mood reflect on your outfit/accessories with these cool pieces.

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Fashion week regulars, you know what the Front Row means to you. With this maxi top, there’s no stopping you from claiming the coveted front row, girls!

Available on Koovs for ₹850

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Caught daydreaming all the time? Here’s a style tip for women like that—Don’t be sorry; instead, just embrace this T-shirt and believe that dreams come true.

Available on Mango for ₹1490

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We all have those blah days when we just want to be left alone, right? This ‘whatever’ sweatshirt will explain your mood perfectly. Just right for Monday mornings, we say!

Available on Koovs for ₹999

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Think you’re the girl who’s envied by many for her wardrobe? No better reason to flaunt this one right away. Take that, jealous  girls!

Available on Mango for ₹990

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Hey hotties, here’s the perfect pair of ballerinas for you! These ‘ooh la la’ shoes are sure to make you feel sexier than ever!

Available on Asos for ₹1825

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Want a casual tank for all the fun drinking nights? Nothing does it better than this ‘Happy Hour’ tank. Friday night dressing, we got this!

Available on Asos for ₹1825

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We love snoozing and we love Fridays! This one explains our feelings perfectly. We’re trading our boring sleeping suits for this cool nightdress.

Available on Forever21 for ₹999

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Wedding season is here! And if you happen to be getting hitched or have already walked down the aisle with your beloved, this tee is the perfect way to express your excitement.

Available on Asos for ₹1420

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If anyone’s rolled their eyes when you’ve had cake for breakfast, tell them it’s totally legit by carrying this laptop sleeve. True cake lovers, you know you want this.

Available on Elitify for 7990

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Nothing says party like this ‘Yay’ clutch. So on a night of celebration, doll up, carry this clutch and party like there’s no tomorrow!

Available on Asos for ₹2738