We asked fashion designer Ridhi Mehra how to look good this party season. Read her expert tips on party dressing and how to make a statement.

ivory crop top with blue floral detailing 430x550

BB: What are the party trends this year?

Ridhi: The biggest trends this season are boxy silhouettes and Oxford shoes.

pink crop top with black floral detailing 430x550

BB: What are the kinds of details one should look for in party clothes?

Ridhi: Details are always interesting. It could be a nicely finished hemline or the way that the buttons are placed. Embroidered patches are also something to look out for!

maxi skirts with crop tops 430x550

BB: What are the trendy and comfortable pieces one should opt for this party season?

Ridhi: Maxi skirts with crop tops look very chic!

ivory textured crop top with black floral detailing 430x550

BB: What is your favourite party look and why?

Ridhi: My favourite party look lately has been wide legged pants with a smart crop top and a pop of statement jewellery.

floral prints 430x550

BB: Which prints are hot this year for the party season and how does one wear them?

Ridhi: Geometric, abstract and florals are always in vogue when it comes to prints! These prints could be paired with solids to enhance the look.

peach crop top with metallic gold detailing 430x550

BB: How can you wear metallic?

Ridhi: Pair it with a subtle tone or neutrals. Add a tinge of bright colour and you're good to go.

maxi dress 430x550

BB: Tips for plus size women?

Ridhi: Maxi dresses are a good way to highlight the necessary and hide the unnecessary. They are a very good option for plus size women as they accentuate only the required body parts.

pencil skirt 430x550

BB: What should one wear to the following – a house party, New Year’s Eve, a wedding, or a night out on the town?

Ridhi: Keep it simple and comfy for house parties. New Year’s Eve could be a tube top, fur coat, pencil skirt and heels. Floor length contemporary anarkalis look suave and smart for a wedding. A night out could be a short tube dress with a trench coat and statement jewellery.