When it comes to all things fashion, model and actor Evelyn Sharma, is right at the top of her game. This half German half Indian beauty puts this down to the fact that while growing up in Germany, her favourite past time was sitting with her friends and poring over fashion magazine while downing cups of tea. There’s no denying that her sartorial style has immensely benefitted from this and white is a much loved colour for her. “It's neutral, fresh, calm and pure,” she says. She tells BeBEAUTIFUL which five white items she cannot do without in her wardrobe.

evelyn sharma reveals shorts 430x550

White shorts are perfect for a boat party!

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A white summer dress—It's the perfect outfit for a sundown party by the beach or a brunch in the city!

Image Courtesy: Sonam Kapoor in Shehla Khan

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White jeans are essential. They can look super hot as you can literally pair it with a top of any other colour. This makes it an essential basic that absolutely everyone needs.

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A big white hat is by far the best thing to wear at the races.

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Lastly, everyone should have a pair of white sandals with lots of embellishments on them.

Image Courtesy: bebe