You know what they say about trends—they never truly die! That’s because what was hot a few years ago will make a reappearance in the near future as a trending topic. We know that during the grunge era of the 90’s, donning Doc Martens, choker necklaces and butterfly clips were all the rage. While we haven’t heard the heavy footsteps of the Martens, choker necklaces are back with a bang!

jewellery trend chocker necklace

Back in the day, choker necklaces were thought of as edgy and rebellious jewelry since they were a safe alternative to a neck tattoo. The quintessential intertwined necklace stretched snugly around the neck as the perfect accessory to clash with those risque low-necks. It’s 2016 and while chokers are back, they aren’t the same old rebels that we used to know.

fashion trend chocker necklace

The choker has found a more refined, chicer avatar as it moves beyond plastic. The necklace now spans across metallic forms, suede ties and pom-pom detailing. Trust Hollywood celebrities to sniff out a trend because everybody who is anybody like Gigi Hadid, Shay Mitchell, Miranda Kerr, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin have been spotted wearing one whether casually or on the red carpet. While slipping it on is an easy option, layering the choker necklace can spruce up even a formal look.

fashion trends chocker necklace

Want to join the elite fleet of choker donning stars? Here are a few tips on working it.
Decide the look you are going for and choose a choker based on that.
For a boho infused look, a suede piece with tassels should be your pick.
If it’s a dinner party, then a gold number with studded rhinestones will suit it best. Find the style of choker which matches your look best.
Alternatively, you can layer it in the midst of other necklaces of varying sizes. You can also choose your neck choker based on your outfit. On an intricate lace necklace, you can pair a minimal gold choker. For a low-cut satin blouse, a black choker piece will work it’s charm.

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