With their impeccable sense of style, effortless glamour and sophistication, French women are known for their sense of style around the world. Understated, minimal yet statement making we love how they look so well put together all the time. Here are 5 simple style tips they follow. Read on to find out how you can follow these too.

5 simple style tips to learn from french women heels 600x400

Never wear sky high heels

Like we said, they believe in being understated. They would never wear sky high heels that make them uncomfortable. They swear by black point patent leather pumps. Comfort is key, combined with style, of course!

5 simple style tips to learn from french women accessorise 600x400

Never over accessorise

They never overdo their accessories. A fine delicate necklace works just right for them. Or even if they do go chunky, they ensure that the outfit and the occasion call for it. Needless to say, they believe in understated glam!

5 style tips to learn from french women 600x400

Learn what suits you and stick to it

Never wear anything that does not suit you. Stick to what you think flatters your figure best. French women enhance their best curves and create their own personal style. So the next time you go shopping, make sure you pick pieces that complement your assets well.

style tips to learn from french women 600x400

Don’t follow trends blindly

If a fad is not meant for you or you are not comfortable with it, avoid flaunting it. Stick to what suits you and makes you feel happy and comfortable.

style tips to learn from french women invest in basics 600x400

Invest in high quality basics

French women always believe in buying high quality basics. You will never find them spending money on a jazzy, overdone top and skirt combo. Instead, they will always pick a basic white tee that is made of high quality fabric and flatters their body.