What if we told you that you could actually wear your favourite food on your sleeve now? Yes, we love fashion for bringing us the food print ensembles! From fruits to desserts, prints with foods are everywhere this season. Don’t believe us? See for yourself as we give you a variety of such options.

fashion trend food print strawberry crop top 430x550 img

Strawberry crop top

Nothing screams summer as much as a crop top! And when it has strawberries printed all over it, it makes us even happier! So say hello to this summer by wearing an easy-breezy crop top with this fruit print. After all, fruit prints are all the rage this season. So go ahead and wear this to be the trendsetter this season.

Available on Missguided.co.uk for ₹ 350

fashion trend food print donut dress 430x550

Donut dress

We don’t remember the last time we said no to donuts. The good news is that now you can wear them on your dress too. We bet you’re jumping with joy already! So hurry up and make place in your wardrobe for a donut print dress ‘coz it’s cool, chic and adorable!

Available on Asos.com for 3000

fashion trend food print burger loafers 430x550

Burger and Pizza Loafers

You would be lying if you said that fries, burgers and pizzas aren’t your favourite junk food.  Here’s your chance to take your love for these yummy things to the next level  get your hands on… erm… we mean get your feet into these junk food loafers now! They will not only add a cool element to your look but will also be one of the quirkiest accessories in your closet.

Available on Asos.com for ₹ 2300

fashion trend food print ice cream purse 430x550

Icecream purse

We’re going to be unapologetic about this – we love ice cream so much that will wear it as a bag! After all, there’s no bigger opportunity to wear a purse like this than the summers, right? So get going and shop for this uber trendy purse before stores run out on them.

Available on Koovs.com for ₹ 3000

fashion trend food print skirt 430x550

Pineapple skirt

A summer wardrobe is incomplete without skirts. We’ve been crushing on the pineapple print for a while now so just to take things in our wardrobe to the next level, we’re opting for a pineapple print skirt this season. It’s short so it’s going to save us from feeling hot and it has pineapples all over, so it’s definitely going to be quite a conversation starter! What’s not to love?

Available on Asos.com for 1400