Get, Set, Match – Shibani Dandekar’s Style Secrets

Written by Faye RemediosJun 03, 2014
Shibani Dandekar was always spot on with her fashion sense and she has certainly added a dash of glamour to the IPL T20 Extra Innings. The gorgeous anchor and model tells us what’s in her wardrobe, how to dress for a match and her best fashion finds.


How do you take care of your skin and hair to keep it looking so good?
I take these hair and skin tablets which are basically vitamins. I do regular treatments for my skin like facials and laser treatments and I do a hair treatment every month. Drinking lots of water is another great trick.

Do you change your routine around during the IPL given the intense travelling and weather changes you need to contend with?
It is definitely hard to stay motivated and healthy when there is a lack of stability in terms of eating patterns and sleeping but I do what I can. I have been swimming and working out in my room a lot this season – my skin and hair care continues as normal especially since I'm out in the sun all day.

How would you define your sense of style?
Like me - moody! One day I love grunge the next day am in a hippie frame of mind. Then, I could either go chic or bohemian. I can't just stick to one thing because for me it’s about expression and it has to match the way I feel, which changes constantly.


Your favourite designers?
Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, Deme by Gabriella and Payal Singhal.

What’s the best way to stay and look cool during a match?
Ahh there is no secret. Stay in the shade, drink lots of water and keep a tissue handy. Who ever said it was all glamorous?

Any fashion trend you've spotted at the IPL that you see yourself wearing?
I have been wearing a lot of Deme by Gabriella designs as they are light, stylish and simple with no fuss and embellishments. Very summery and fresh – I absolutely love them.


Any new shopping haunts or buys you discovered recently?
We were in Dubai for the first part of the IPL T20 Extra Innings schedule and Archana (Vijaya) and I went a little crazy shopping. We returned with so many pairs of shoes and bags. My favourite purchase is my new blue Gucci fringe bag – I'm so in love with it.

Accessories you think work great during a match?
I wore a lot of Valliyan and Curio Cottage since they have great costume pieces which really add some flair to an outfit without being over-the-top.

Best hairstyle to sport to keep your hair off your face and yet look fashionable?
My favourite look is all about the ponytail and it is a really sporty, clean and sleek hairdo that works well.

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