Term it vegan fashion or organic, it is the next buzzword as far as the fashion fraternity is concerned. Fashion activism is fast catching up with designers like Amy Billimoria, James Ferreira and organic fashion brands like Bhusattva taking the plunge. At the recent launch of Amy Billimoria’s Ecoartfashion initiative ‘Earth 21’, an exquisite line of organic couture, the who’s who of the fashion industry graced the ramp. Soon after, we caught up with Billimoria for a quick chat to figure just why organic fashion is the next big thing.

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“Consumers are growing conscious about supporting organic fashion and therefore this trend is going to catch up very soon! Fabrics used in organic fashion are more breathable and contribute greater comfort. There is no compromise on style as they too make very fashionable, prêt couture!” she quips.

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While the term organic fashion is a relatively new, the concept of using organic materials isn't. Designer James Ferreira has, over the years, established his niche with the use of natural fabrics for his western silhouettes. Billimoria can’t stop raving about natural textures either, “The blends with bamboo shoot and viscose are apt for styling unusual textures; for example, using the correct viscose blend can add amazing drape quality. That’s why fusing contemporary styles in eco-fashion will be the next big thing on the runways,” she says.

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Obviously, organic fashion is more than just a noble thought. The selling point is the fact that it is not only big on comfort but thanks to new fabric blends, it can also be crafted into impeccable designs.

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Jainam Kumarpal, proprietor at Bhusattva, reveals, “All sorts of designs and cuts are used in organic clothing. At Bhusattva (‘Bhu’ stands for Earth and ‘sattva’ stands for essence) we experiment with surfaces, hand-embroidery, hand painting, unusual cuts and asymmetric structures including flowy designs. We endorse responsible luxury and sustainable fashion, hence all the products are up-cycled and created at minimum wastage.”

We couldn’t agree more! Contributing to a humble cause never seemed this stylish, now did it?