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Written by Team BBSep 09, 2016
No it isn’t enough that our CFL bulb is reducing our carbon footprint on the earth, our planet needs us to do better than that. And stats have it that fashion is the second most harmful industry for our planet, ecologically speaking! Which is why, we bring you a road map that will lead you a step closer to attaining sustainable fashion. Here is how…

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Shop fair trade

Shop from fair trade stores, for it helps alleviate poverty and creates opportunities for artisans who have been victims of the conventional trading system. It promotes handmade products, preserves traditional crafts and upholds many of the core values of sustainability. Shopping from fair trade lifts farming and artisan families to better living standards. Indian designers like Amy Billimoria and fashion brands like Bhu: sattva are catalysts working to conventionalise sustainable fashion.

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Buy organic

Toxic chemicals used for dyeing fabrics harms workers as they have to breathe in the fumes during the manufacturing drill. Plus gallons of toxic dyes get discharged into lakes and rivers. Chemical free clothing therefore helps the environment in innumerable ways. Fewer toxins enter the soil and water and air are kept pollution free. Natural dyes however are made from natural materials and do not have the same harmful effect. Brands like No Nasties are working at sourcing, producing and selling organic fashion.

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save environment while you shop chemical free materials 430x550

Vegan fashion diet

Vegan products are made from alternative materials that are not derived from animal by-products. Millions of animals are killed cruelly for leather and fur and this disrupts the eco-cycle. To curb this, it is important you go for alternate materials like faux fur (made from acrylic fibers) and faux leather (made from rubbers and other synthetic materials).

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Go for brands that advocate sustainable fashion

Shop with brands that work to reduce their consumption of harmful raw materials and have lower energy and water usage. Brands that refrain from use of leather and synthetic materials but use friendly materials like bamboo, natural wools, vegetable dyes and chemical-free materials. Brands like Indelust host and feature an array of designers that endorse sustainable fashion.

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