We have every reason to be thankful to Kangana Ranaut for letting us be spectators to her journey from Gangster to Manikarnika, both as an actor and as a person. She has never succumbed to industry norms and neither have her curls. She and her curls, we are happy to notice, have always bounced back, blazing their own individual paths of success.

In an industry where it is important to strut your style and keep up with the trends, she has done what no one else has—gone back to the basics. She has taken inspiration from a simpler time when style was six yards of handloom fabric elegantly draped around you. And when airport style has become a legit property in the fashion industry today, she has owned it and shown how the sari can fit safely in that category.

As we gaze with wonder at the actor, we cannot help but think how anyone can make a simple linen or cotton sari look so glamorous and yet effortlessly elegant. She has been spotted on numerous occasions wearing khadi, cotton or linen saris, and recently she was seen raising the temperature at the airport in a white sari. We cannot applaud enough about how she has adopted the organic movement and is showing us all a way to embrace natural fabrics. When it can look this good, why not?

Here we give you the recipe to slay your look in cotton or linen saris like our muse.

You need:

Cotton, linen or mul sari
Sleeveless or strappy blouse
An oversized pair of sunglasses
Stylish tote/handbag
Brogues or loafers
A quirky hairstyle like space buns

Use a combination of the aforementioned fashion items to create your own Kangana-inspired look. Need some pointers from the lady herself? Here goes....











Image courtesy: Pinterest and Instagram