The Athleisure trend from last year just doesn't seem to be fading away! But then again, why would it if it allowed us to go from our daily workout session straight to the streets without a change? Packing a strong and sporty punch, it’s a guarantee that once you try it out, you’re going to have a hard time resisting the comfort and functionality this trend offers. How do you incorporate it into your wardrobe? Here’s a quick guide…

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Sporty glamour

Though athleisure is more about basics that’s no excuse to be lazy. Forego your basic white and grey colour palette for a more celeb-inspired luxe gold and wear it with your basic tee to glam up a regular sporty look.

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Skirt it

Drop your format skirt for a sportier option by taking a cue from this look. Wear it with a jumper and sneakers on a weekend or even Fridays if your workplace permits.

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Flirting with the basics

No matter how basic your basics are, you can instantly uplift them by mixing fabrics like cotton and denim just like Gigi Hadid. Pair them with the quintessential white sneakers.

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Top it up

Give your tracks an upgrade by pairing them with an OTT necklace and super skinny heels. Extra points for knotting up your tank top of course. Quirk max!

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Denim do-over

Give your denim a twist by replacing your basic tee with a funky sports bra. Finish with an embellished bag that’ll add some amount of dressiness and polish off your outfit.

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