We’ve all seen how monochrome is the fashion trend of the season, so it isn’t a surprise at all that some of our favourite Bollywood celebrities rock this trend in many a flattering way.

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We especially love this comfortable white monochrome asymmetric look sported by actress Anushka Sharma! Agreed that Bollywood stars can afford designer wear which costs an arm and a leg (Anushka’s wearing a Bhaavya Bhatnagar jumpsuit here), but it is totally possible to get this simple yet elegant day look for much less.

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Try this super stylish and uber comfortable side slit, white top with a long back from Koovs. It is not too fitted like Anushka’s top and has a similar asymmetrical look.

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get monochrome look top zara 2 430x550

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You can also get any of these different tops from Zara for a slightly different approach to the same look.

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Pair any of these tops with this straight fit trousers….seriously… how cute is the back? We absolutely love this piece!

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In keeping with the brunch theme, Anushka added a dash of subtle colour by pairing tan heels (with a touch of orange and white) with her ankle length pants, which you have to agree looks so much nicer than white heels would. So try these tan heels from Forever 21 to add a shade of muted colour to your look.

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You can accessorize this look the way Anushka has with a simple pair of geometric design golden dangly earrings available at shops like Curio Cottage or if you are lucky, then even at simple shops selling jewellery in market places.

The best part about Anushka’s look is how easy she’s kept her make up and hair. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a good hair day or a bad hair day! Just tie your hair up in a simple topknot, keep your face natural with a tinge of pink or coral on your lips and you are set! Time to go sailing, or rock that brunch or the afternoon while looking breezy, classy, and so trendy!


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