From your nail paints and lotions to giving that black blouse a sparkle of elegance that makes it hard to go unnoticed—this season’s classiest trend, Mother of Pearl, is one that we are totally on board with—whether that means accessorising our 9 to 5 look or giving our bathroom counters a bauble that elevates its status beyond belief. Click through and find out our favourite facets of this beautiful shell.

white eye candy mother of pair braclet 430x550

Chunky, colourful yet delicate—this peacock hued Mother of Pearl bracelet would be our pick to add subtle glamour to a white-shirt black-cropped pant look at work.

white eye candy mother of pair buttons 430x550

Substitute your black button down with gorgeous Mother of Pearl buttons and you’ll notice a popping difference. You can do the same with a white shirt too, but we find the impact it makes on black is hard to beat.

white eye candy mother of pair knife handles 430x550

We love when fashion marries home décor. These stunning Mother of Pearl knife handles will leave your dinner guests in awe. Giving a beautiful elegant and vintage vibe—they might just steal your thunder and come out the rock stars of the night. Be warned.

white eye candy mother of pair parquetry box 430x550

A gorgeous Mother of Pearl Parquetry Box is the perfect home for your most treasured pieces—whether it’s an inherited brooch from dadi or your latest pair of treasured Valliyan’s—this intricate and delicate box will do them justice.

white eye candy mother of pair pocket watch 430x550

If you’re going to be classy why not go all out? With a Mother of Pearl dialled pocket watch things just can’t get any classier. String it over a long chain or rest it by your bedside table and you’ll be following both of Coco Chanel's rules by being classy and fabulous.

white eye candy mother of pair lavender flowers 430x550

We don’t know about you, but adding pretty to our bathroom counters whether it’s our brand new pot of Pond’s Silk Cream or this pretty as can be Mother of Pearl soap dish is just how we like it.