If there’s someone who wows us every time with her innovative jewellery, it is Mrinalini Chandra. From her chair-back-inspired earrings to her aquatic designs, the designer’s jewellery always has us asking for more! Ahead of her show at LFW W/F 2015, we get the ace jewellery designer to tell us what’s in store for us this season. Read on…
mrinalini chandras math inspired jewellery 430x550 piccontent

BB: Your ‘Have a Seat’ collection won rave reviews. What is this collection themed around?

Mrinalini Chandra: Well, this time people can look forward to me using a lot of numbers and a lot of math! You will actually get to see jewellery inspired by geometry boxes. I had a fantastic time designing this line.

BB: You will be collaborating with ‘Surendri’ by Yogesh Chaudhary. How do his garments fall in line with your jewellery?

MC: I think he has done some really nice clothes for me and I couldn’t be happier about it. I was looking for somebody who could do black outfits for me and he was just the right person to come by. So I think the jewellery is truly going to stand out in that sense.

BB: Who is this collection dedicated to?

MC: I’m dedicating this collection to students who struggled with math like me (laughs)! We all wanted to escape it but there really was no option. I grew up thinking that one day I’m just going to leave it behind and never have to look back. But, well, here I am making use of math in jewellery!

BB: What is the one piece of jewellery that consumers immediately lap up?

MC: Earrings! I think earrings balance the face beautifully. No matter what you wear and what you’ve done even in terms of makeup, earrings can elevate your look.

BB: What are the 3 most favourite pieces from your jewellery lines so far?

MC: My chair chand balis were my favourite! In the next collection, the fish earrings really worked for me. This time around, I can’t choose because I love just about everything. But if I really had to opt for something, I would love to wear anything with compasses!

BB: Any particular Bollywood star who you think will be able to carry off your jewellery beautifully?

MC: Sonam Kapoor! To wear my jewellery, you need to be slightly experimental. I feel she works best in that sense because she’s also very edgy and experimental in her looks. So I think she’ll be able to pull off my jewellery wonderfully.

BB: What are the challenges you face as a jewellery designer?

MC: I think the biggest challenge I face is having to explain to my karigars what needs to be done with the jewellery. They are veteran karigars from Jaipur and Lucknow and I do very offbeat jewellery. So to get them to make these things takes immense convincing.

BB: 3 pieces of jewellery every girl needs in her trinket box…

MC: A brooch, for sure. You can use them in so many ways. I also feel chand balis have the power to instantly accessorise an outfit. Lastly, a girl should always have a kada because you can always count on them to create a style statement.

BB: What’s the biggest trend in jewellery right now?

MC: Well, maang teekas and matha pattis have taken over the jewellery scene in a big way. They’re all over and look so wonderful.

BB: Lastly, what’s the greatest compliment you’ve received for your jewellery?

MC: Many of my clients walk into the store but don’t know my face. I hear them discuss my jewellery and say such nice things about it. Hearing them say wonderful things about your work is always fulfilling.