Ladies, we have survived the monthly drill of going through those days of the month for way too long. Periods and tampons and staining and not being able to wear white despite what the television commercials might promise you are fears that are all very real. So what if there was an actual innovation that could change the whole period game by doing away with the need for pads or tampons? Turns out, a new period-specific underwear is out to make our life pads-free, tampon-free and much easier overall. Under the brand name ‘Thinx,’ Antonia Dunbar and twin sisters Radha and Miki Agrawal have created these leak-proof panties that claim to be both functional and comfortable. Here’s the whole story…

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Created by Antonia Dunbar and twin sisters Radha and Miki Agrawal, Thinx comes in sets of three, five and seven, and you can shop for these panties depending on your menstrual flow.

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While anything that eliminates the need for pads and tampons is an offer tough to refuse, it is only natural for womenfolk to have apprehensions about hygiene, reusability, comfort et al.

Even though their website,, makes every possible effort to communicate and create transparency and clarity on every aspect of the product, we still can’t help but ask if they are a feasible option for every woman.

We rope in 3 women from different walks of life to tell us (on conditions of anonymity) if they will opt for the product or not.

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A young mother and Chief Editor at a popular e-zine shares with us her apprehensions about Thinx: “The comfort, the fit and the overall look that the fabric creates will matter. The fabric of the panty needs to tuck me in well. Plus, if it’s absorbent and leak-free, it needs to be disposable, or I won’t be comfortable using it.”

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A runner and fitness enthusiast who is also a working professional says, “I think leak-proof panties are a great idea. But my world (almost) changed when I switched from pads to tampons… let's just say that I don't like the idea of fluids from inside the body coming out, which is why I would still take the trouble to put a tampon in instead of wearing a panty that waits for things to flow out and then soak them up.”

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A PR professional in her mid-twenties says, “While it sounds like a great product, and I love the fact that we're finally making innovative products for that time of the month, I do have a few reservations. If it's such a new product, I would be hesitant to try it. It's not really an area you want to experiment with, so I need to be sure it's been tried and tested before giving it a go. I would need it to be more convenient and more comfortable than the existing options and it needs to be and feel hygienic. If I can't dispose of it and have to reuse it, it won’t feel hygienic, even if it is. So that being said, I would definitely wait to see the response and then make a decision on whether or not to opt for this option.”