The Style Cracker Borough – a celebration of all things stylish, was one helluva grand affair. From unique accessories to trendy couture, this pop-up market was a haven for fashion enthusiasts. So like every style addict, we too prettied up and set off to enjoy this gala event. The result? We scouted some amazing pieces from stalls that won our hearts. Want to know which ones they are? Take a look.

favourite pieces from style cracker 600x400

Vintage Fendi sunnies

We’re hoarders of shades. So when we spotted vintage Fendi sunnies, our excitement hit the roof. These vintage shades at the Viange stall completely blew our minds. But can you really blame us? It screams cool and also gives you a retro vibe and oh, the fact that it’s Fendi will have everyone eyeing you with envy. So sexy!

To see more of the Viange collection head over to their Facebook page

favourite pieces from style cracker stalls 600x400

Printed brogues

We’ve been crushing on brogues for a while now. But spotting these hand-crafted printed brogues took our love for shoes to another level. They’re desi, quirky and are sure to add a cool vibe to your ensemble.
Available in many prints, these make for interesting footwear. Won’t you agree?

To see more of the Kanvas collection visit their site on

favourite pieces from style cracker nestaah jewellery 430x550

Ethnic earrings

It was love at first sights for us when we came across these gold and pearl earrings at the Nestaah stall. The wedding season is here and if you’re looking for that perfect earring to dress your traditional ensemble up, this one is a must buy! Its delicate design will win you over while the gold remains a hot favourite as far as Indian weddings go. No contest!

Nestaah’s jewellery is available via email

favourite pieces from style cracker peahen collection 600x400

Bug brooch and turtle cuff

You know what they say – accessories can make or break a look. Well, the bug brooch and turtle wrist cuff from Peahen are all you need in your jewellery box. They’re unique, they’re stylish and they’re so cute. So wear one of these to finish out your look and see how they make a huge difference to your appearance.

To see more of the Peahen collection on their Facebook Page

favourite pieces from style cracker smartworkdesignco 430x550

Décor cage

If you’ve been looking for the perfect bird cage to do up our room, this is your answer. After all, this cage is sure to look gorgeous in a corner of your room! The flower and bird accents on it make it all the more attractive. So hurry up and pick this one if you love décor as much as us.

To see more of the SmartWorkDesignCo. Collection head over to their Facebook page

favourite pieces from style cracker earthy roots 600x400

Vibrant bag

Want to add a pop of colour to your outfit? Buy this bag we found at the Earthy Roots stall. Perfectly vibrant for summer, this one is just the right size to fit all your valuables. So this season, ditch the tote and opt for a quirky sling like this one.

To see more of the Earthy Roots collection head to their Facebook page

favourite pieces from style cracker valliyan collection 430x550

Statement earrings

We’re all for big, bold statement earrings that completely dramatise an appearance. And these Valliyan earrings were just that for us! The design is futuristic while the size is sure to get you all the attention. So if you’re looking for that one piece of jewellery that’ll transform your look, this is all you need.

To see more of the Valliyan collection visit their website at