If there was one show on Day 1 of Lakmé Fashion Week that caught us completely off guard, it has to be, by a long shot, OUTHOUSE. Jewellery designers Kaabia and Sasha Grewal showcased their “The Column” collection that saw mythical goddesses doused in regality and opulence. And so they did.
To get in on more than just one perspective, we summoned our bauble-crazy Lifestyle Editor, Nazneen Joshi to give us her take on this bold, gold collection…

lfw outhouse gold collection 430x550

“The Column” collection represents the confluence of the regality of Greece known to be the land of the Gods and the opulence of Rome known to be the Eternal city. A combination of excesses, of course.

lfw 2014 outhouse gold collection kaabia sasha grewal 430x550

“Our inspiration lies in gold and its versatility, its ability to drape like liquid silk or be moulded into solid casts,” said the designers.

lfw outhouse gold jewellery collection 430x550

As if gold wasn’t enough, the collection is dotted with semi precious stones such as amber, garnets, turquoise and pearls among others.

lfw outhouse gold collection pieces 430x550

“The versatility of these stand-out pieces makes them more than anything, simply fun to pair with. I'd love to experiment some of the chunkier pieces with traditional, ethnic wear. Their magnanimous range of head-gear would work perfectly here,” says Nazneen.

lfw outhouse gold collection proto geometric art 430x550

Influenced by the proto-geometric art, the collection explores all sizes and kinds of shapes that drape themselves around your ears, arms, wrists, hair and even the torso. A body armour crafted intricately in gold? Who could say no?

lfw outhouse gold jewellery collection baubles 430x550

“As overwhelming as Outhouse baubles may seem--consider them as separate pieces and there is so much you can do with them. I personally love them on monochrome ensembles or single-bold colours. The gold works beautifully against tangerine and oxblood,” says Nazneen.