Feminine, chic and pretty as a picture—paisley is one print that will bring a touch of delicate elegance to your home, no doubt. The versatility of the print makes it accessible to a range of home accessories, so you can go all out with this print without feeling restricted. Whether it’s cushion covers for your living room or canisters and jars for your kitchen—there are options galore and some of our favourite e-commerce websites are stocking up on this print. Read on to get your paisley fix, pronto.

paisley print how to work print decor like pro nargis tea cosy 430x550

Nargis Cotton Tea Cosy Set (1,650)

The hand-block printed Nargis Table Linen collection from home décor haven, Good Earth, celebrates the heritage of the paisley motif, which was actually developed by Kashmiri weavers who adapted floral butah from Persia into a stylised mango, more reminiscent of Indian culture. Delicate, subtle and perfect for an afternoon tea-break, this warm tea-cosy, though motived with traditional paisley follows the rules of minimalism—which make it easy to blend in with any home environment.

To shop for this item, visit: www.goodearth.in

paisley print how to work print decor like pro cushion cover 430x550

Serai Paisley Rayon Cotton Cushion (1,800)

This Serai paisley cushion cover made of Mushru silk, also from Good Earth celebrates the story of Emperor Jehangir who along with Noor Jahan crossed the snowy passes of the Pir Panjal on elephants no less than 13 times to spend his summer months in Kashmir. There’s nothing like having this little heritage item in your living room in celebration of the tradition, the story and simply put—its beautiful aesthetic.

To shop for this item, visit: www.goodearth.in

paisley print how to work print decor like pro jaypore cushion cover 430x550

Magenta and Gold Paisley Motif Cushion Cover (650)

This elegant cushion cover by Home Elements is crafted out of a silk blend with digitally printed patterns that are a melange of Indian design elements with contemporary styles. This plush cushion will add a touch of grace, vibrancy and elegance to your home.

To shop for this item, visit: www.jaypore.com

paisley print how to work print decor like pro wooden tray 430x550

Kimaya Hand Block Print Wooden Tray (2,000)

Everything looks better on a tray, which is why it’s the most crucial accessory to own while entertaining. Even if it’s just for serving chips, dip and drinks—a tray is an absolute must! This wooden tray from House Proud features a gold paisley hand-block print on green silk, with a glass overlay.

To shop for this item, visit: www.houseproud.in

paisley print how to work print decor like pro ceramic jar 430x550

Fennel Ceramic Jar with Paisley Design

This elegantly designed cookie jar with paisley patterns will be a stylish addition to your kitchenette—so long as you keep it stocked with goodies of top quality. The lid will ensure that all your baked goodies will stay fresh and delicious. You can also use it as a decorative item for your living room—the soft sea-green colour will add a breezy, summery vibe to any space it occupies.

To shop for this item, visit: www.zansaar.com