Whether it’s Outhouse’s latest headgear or gold crossbody belt, we’ve all got our favourite accessories when it comes to going that extra mile. But who knew the right pair of quirk-tastic socks is what you need to be stocking up this season to hit all the right notes. We’re the last people to have anything against a little added bling but with the nip in the air there’s nothing wrong with keeping your toes warm and chic now, is there? Take a look at our favourite prints to keep those nuggets soft, warm and comfortable.

pull up your socks with quirky picks 430x550

Don’t discount this, girls! The right pair of socks can add the perfect element of surprise and pop of quirk to any outfit. After all, it’s all in the details!

pull up your socks with quirky prints auto pop socks 430x550

Auto Pop Socks

Pair these quirky auto rickshaw motif socks with tennis shoes and a skater skirt and you’ll give your outfit that unique edge with a bold and edgy design.

pull up your socks with quirky prints hipster singh socks 430x550

Hipster Singh Socks

This pair of Hipster Singh socks boasts the fabulous quirky pattern of the iconic Indian turban-moustache combo. And even though Indian men strutted moustaches before it became cool, you can reinvent the tradition and flaunt this cool accessory with your favourite pair of kicks.

pull up your socks with quirky prints flying elephant socks 430x550

Flying Elephant Socks

If you’re feeling a little romantic today, pick up these adorable pair of flying elephant socks for your man—daddy, bro, bestie or boyfriend—they’ll all be grateful and you’ll have some dapper looking man-candy by your side.

pull up your socks with quirky designs 430x550

Lotus Fun Socks

Fun, bright and extremely stylish, there is no good enough reason for you to not want these adorable lotus printed socks. Pair them with a little fun mini in a solid colour (we’d pick oxblood) and some sandals. Outfit done.

pull up your socks with quirky prints adorables 430x550

Parrot Talk Socks

This pair has a cute little parrot balancing itself on a twig and admiring the prettiness of some flowers and leaves. Sunday brunch? Check!

pull up your socks with quirky prints pop slipper socks 430x550

Pop Slipper Socks

These Pop-Slipper socks celebrate the Kolhapuri chappals and the New Age fashion statement that it creates. Tease the look by pairing these cute mufflers with ballet flats and opaque tights.

pull up your socks with quirky prints trunk call socks 430x550

Trunk Call Socks

This pair of Trunk Call socks are reminiscent of old times. The colourful telephones with a touch of bright colour add a peppy note to the design. A great conversation starter, we’d wear these quirkies with basic denims and sneakers to work. It’ll be fun to hear what everyone has to say about them. Take in the complements and ignore the fashion ignorants.

All the socks featured are available at India Circus (₹319 - ₹369)