Bags, shoes and jewellery! Each designer added their design personality to the accessories showcased at New York Fashion Week. While few played it safe--focusing more on the apparel, others went bolder and bigger with unusual concoctions. Below, our edit of the accessories that allowed us a double-take…

new york fashion week tassel bags 430x550

Altuzarra on tassel bags

Tassels continue to win hearts and critics, albeit with a sleek intervention from the classics.  As boho becomes bygone, tassels this time around chose to charm up the foolproof boxy silhouettes on variations such as satchels and hobos- all on a backdrop of neutral and earthy hues.

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new york fashion week ware earrings 430x550

Tome on ware earrings

Organic inspired statement earrings in silver metal, dramatically complemented the sleek collection of luxury silhouettes. What was impressive was the shoulder dusting length of the lightweight accessory that beautifully stood out from the background of black ensembles.

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new york fashion week vera wang show 430x550

Vera Wang on chunky mules

Heels are back, but with bare backs. It was a rebirth of the mules at the Vera Wang show. In a hint of tractor soles and heels, the style had a moment on the runway with black leather snakeskin sheen lending a classic edge to the bold, tall shoe. They certainly got our seal of approval.

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new york fashion week runway fashion 430x550

Rodarte on nostalgic hand harnesses

Vintage goth and 70’s romanticism defines Rodarte’s take on hand harness. Soft glam-rock while staying beautifully feminine, the piece is an interpretation of pure art jewellery from the 70’s that was opulent, bold and unexpected, all at the same time.

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new york fashion week runway accessories 430x550

Kate Spade on teapot bags

Kate Spade’s teapot bag was cute, adorable and pretty. The striking blue and white contrast lends it a beautiful fairytale touch while making it literally everyone’s cup of tea.

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