Every season at the Fashion Week has been a golden lesson learnt for fashion blogger Anushka Hajela. Here’s her painstaking journey that takes her from high heels to smart choices.

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Change. An inevitable, inescapable part of life. And while we usually tend to dig our heels in and resist it as much as we possibly can, sometimes, it can be the breath of fresh air you've been desperately longing for.

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Things have changed so much from my first time at Fashion Week. I was still in college and wanted nothing more than to go experience the glitz and the glamour, to be a part of this unifying fashion force that rocked my then glasses-wearing, amateur-blogging world. So when a friend who landed her first modelling gig offered me a pass to watch her show, I was over the moon! I stayed up nights planning my outfit: a black ra-ra skirt, tights, a cobalt vintage shirt and some rather forgettable clutch or the other. Topped up, obviously, with some ridiculously high heels that I could barely even walk in.

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Not long after, I started getting invited to fashion week as a blogger, and remember championing blogger rights with much voraciousness, clad in a hot pink blazer and animal print pants, topped off with my signature block fringe. About five seasons later, I've learned a thing or two about dressing for fashion week. The heels? You need to ditch them. That super tight dress you can barely sit in? You can always wear it to Tryst another night. That itsy bitsy little box clutch you've been saving for the perfect occasion? This isn't it.

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Dressing for fashion week is as much about functionality and practicality as it is about dressing to impress. As I've grown, I've come to realise that even though this is the perfect place to show off your quirky style, it is still a place swarming with industry stalwarts and prospective work contacts, so it is important to be taken seriously. You are your own walking, talking portfolio, after all. Plus you are constantly on your feet dodging between shows, the Source stalls, private events and parties that last late into the night, and need all your essentials on you at all times.

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Since I've been gravitating towards monochrome and minimalism off late, I chose an outfit that was part grungy - part modern, but fully functional and ready to take on everything from photographers, to dancing to running around for the perfect shots for my blog. I started with harem pants and a white t-shirt - both comfortable, easy to move in and staples in my wardrobe. I then added a leather jacket which ticked both, the rock n roll and feminine boxes with its flowy waterfall silhouette. That fringed bag you see? It was big enough to hold everything from my makeup pouch to chargers for my phone and camera, a schedule, my accreditation, backstage passes and a pair of glasses to watch the shows better with.

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I added a watch, this one being a present from my fiance, for a personal touch that also helped me get to shows on time. And lastly, these funky sneaker wedges were as comfortable as flats for me to constantly be on the go, without worrying about tired feet.

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