Summer is coming and that means it’s time to suit up and hit the beach (or pool). Of course, just as with everything sartorial, your swimsuit too, must be picked and worn to accentuate and fit your body type. Here are a few tips to help you look super fab as you flaunt your beach-bod in a flattering swimsuit.

swimsuit for every body type apple 430x550

Apple-shaped bodies are bodies where your waistline is easily your widest measurement with narrower hips and bust. Flatter your bodies with swimsuits that elongate the line of your bodies. Think one piece swimsuits with a plunging or V-neck that shows off tasteful skin while drawing attention to your best assets. Nervous? Carry a pretty sarong in your beach bag for company.

swimsuit for every body type sporty 600x400

Slender and muscular frames can handle an array of swimwear without kicking up a fuss. Opt for a bikini or a single piece halter necks and racer backs designed to show off those sculpted abs and limbs to the hilt.

swimsuit for every body type busty 430x550

Acing swimwear for a busty body can be a bit tricky. After all, not only do you have to support your emphasised upper body, but also feel comfortable. Opt for an underwire top that supports your girls and make sure it comes with adjustable straps. Additionally, you can opt for a single piece cut stylishly at the waist. If it’s a bikini you prefer, opt for bottoms that have a thicker waistband or boy shorts to support your larger top.

swimsuit for every body type hourglass 430x550

Ah, the body type that most women want is also the easiest to dress! Drape your equally proportioned chest and hips and narrow waist with a classic bikini that can get at as trendy and bold as you feel. Experiment to your heart’s content with cut outs and creative silhouettes that can only flatter your classic shape.

swimsuit for every body type pear 600x400

Pear-shaped bodies are blessed with narrow shoulders and broad hips. Pick a bathing suit that accentuates your upper body with special emphasis on your arms and shoulder. Bandeaus are your  best bet (especially if you aren’t too busty) and  you can pair them with brief bottoms to complement your curvy hips.