Things To Pack For A Winter Vacation

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurOct 17, 2018
Things to pack for a winter vacation

So, you got your leave approved from your boss and your tickets are booked. You can absolutely not contain your excitement as you’re about to go on the much awaited winter vacay that’s been on your mind since forever! Nothing can be a better than a winter vacation, especially for us Indians. But the big question that always remains on our minds is – “What do I pack”? We’re not really used to packing warm clothes for vacations and chances are you will pack so much stuff, it might seem like you’re moving there forever.

But before you go…

Research about your destination

The first thing you need to do is open Google and check your destination weather. How much does the temperature usually drop during the course of the day? How will the weather be like during the course of your trip? If you’re doing multiple destinations, you need to check the weather of each destination and not just the first place you’re visiting. This will give you a clear idea of what you need to take along with you.

Check your luggage limit

If you’re planning to go shopping for your winter vacation, it’s wise to check what your luggage limit is as woolens can weigh a lot! And they’re expensive, so you can shop in control and buy only the stuff you need!

Once you’re through with your groundwork, get packing for your winter vacation…



Mittens or gloves

These are the essentials that you wear underneath your warm clothes to keep your body warm. So, no matter where you go, you gotta carry thermals depending upon the duration of the trip. For example, if you’re going for a week, pack just two pairs as you won’t sweat much and can easily repeat it. Thermals also won’t add to the weight of your luggage much!



Mittens or gloves

Remember when you were a kid and your mom shoved your head inside a monkey cap on a winter vacation? Well, she can’t do that anymore as beanies are the trendiest winter staples everyone loves! Beanies look adorable and protect your ears from freezing; you can find some really cute ones at H&M.


Replace your tops with sweaters

Mittens or gloves

You know there’s no point in carrying those cute tops that you love because you’re always going to be clad in sweaters anyway! No, we’re not saying don’t carry tops, just reduce the number. Carry a variety of sweaters that you can wear over your thermal (or normally, if it’s not that cold) and look like a fashionista anyway. Choose from turtlenecks, cashmeres, tunics and many more! Winter bombers look great too!


Carry pullovers for layering

Mittens or gloves

If you wish to achieve a chic, layered look, carry zippered/buttoned pullovers! You can wear your favourite top and yet stay warm with knit pullovers. Another great way to layer your winter outfit using ponchos over your top and denim, or even over a sweater dress, if you’re wearing one! Pack at least 2 to 3 layering pieces including scarves! When it comes to bottoms, don’t carry too many. Jeans can be repeated without anyone noticing, so two-three pairs should do the trick. Also, don’t pack ripped denims. Hope we don’t need to explain why.


Boots and socks

Mittens or gloves

Paying attention to what you’re carrying for your footwear is extremely important. Your feet tend to freeze first when the temperature drops so pack a pair of winter boots for sure. Tan boots work best as they look good with almost everything. We recommend avoiding any sort of heeled boots and just sticking to the flats. Pack a few pairs of socks for extra warmth!


Mittens or gloves

Mittens or gloves

Just like your feet, your hands freeze too and it’s unbearable! Do you want to keep rubbing your palms against each other the whole time? We think not. So, don’t forget your pair of cute mittens! Opt for a muted colours that go with everything!

And there you have it! Your consolidated list of the stuff you need for your winter vacation. We’re also going to give you a pro beauty tip – always keep a lip balm handy! Happy vacay!

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