Three Fashion Bloggers We Adore And Why

Written by Sanaa JhuraniJun 30, 2014
Three fashion bloggers we adore and why
We have to give it to these bloggers, for they’re the ones we get our daily fashion fix from while on the go. Love their style or critique them plenty, fashion bloggers have carved a niche space of their own and are soon becoming the ‘who’s who’ of the style brigade. We compiled a list of our favourite ones and why we heart their style!

Aayushi Bangur of

Kanika Karvinkop of

Chic, with oodles of bang-on trend style posts, Style Drive is one of those blogs that should be at the top of your list (if it isn’t already. We absolutely love the sophisticated, almost Parisian air of this blog space and have had ‘gosh-wow’ reactions to almost every style story. The pictures are delectable and it’s fun reading, too. This is a blog for those who truly ‘live’ fashion every day and are looking to find the best of the best.
In love with: The fashion forward voice on the blog and the more recent video blogs as well.


Karishma Rajani of

Kanika Karvinkop of

With a vibe that’s as quirky as the blog name itself, Karishma is instantly relatable as the cute girl-next-door with a bubbly spirit! Fierce, young and a tad bit grungy, her personal style is college gal meets punk chic. What we also love about her blog is how easily you can manoeuvre through different segments such as Street Style, Travel Diaries, Events, etc. A fuss free blog with all the frills of an exciting style magazine - you really don’t need much as your fashion fix with your morning cuppa.
In love with: The art and lifestyle mingling with fashion that Karishma seems to master. We like how she showcases different nooks and crannies of never-seen-before Mumbai.


Kanika Karvinkop of

Kanika Karvinkop of

Clean, clinical and hits the nail on style - a perfect and easy read for the everyday fashionista. Kanika’s blog gives off a fun vibe and is clutter-free. Don’t miss the ‘Get Styled’ section that engages the user by literally providing style solutions from the reader’s own wardrobe in the form of a hardbound look book, with places to get your new style finds from! Now that surely deserves brownie points.
In love with: The magazine-ish layout of the photo shoots and the blogger’s own minimalistic style. We’ve rounded up our top three, but we’d love to hear your comments on your favourite style snatchers! Go on, post your comments and maybe your favourite will make it to our top three next month!

Sanaa Jhurani

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Sanaa Jhurani

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