3 Wardrobe Resolutions Every Fashionista Should Make In 2015

Written by Vidhi GandhiJan 19, 2015
Eat healthy, learn a new dance form, and improve your relationship with your folks...does this sound familiar? Well, for most of us, these are the regular resolutions we make at the end of every year. But we never think of the smaller things in life that create hassles like our messy wardrobes.  From a fashion girl’s point of view, we compiled a list of problems and solutions to turn into resolutions for a more stylish 2015.

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A more organised wardrobe

Face it! You will never have enough space to keep all your clothes. Follow this funda...Create stacks of every category like plain tees, printed tops, shift dresses, leather bags and so on. This kind of an organisation will also allow you to easily access the clothes and accessories you own and wear every item in your closet.

3 wardrobe resolutions advance planning 430x550

No more repetitive shopping

If you have enough of printed tees or any other particular categories like black pumps, keep it off your shopping list. Avoid going to that section while shopping at any online or physical store. Splurge on the categories that you actually need and you will always have something to wear every day.

3 wardrobe resolutions advance planning 430x550

Advance planning

Thinking of what to wear takes up 40 per cent of our time every morning. Make a list of the looks you want to wear throughout the week every Sunday. Keep the list handy on your phone so that you can change your look anytime in case of a sudden meeting or a change in schedule. If you like looking well put together all the time then click a few pictures of clothes and accessories with your phone to access them later and plan looks well in advance. Trust us, this saves a lot of time and energy.

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