It’s as much exciting to see models off ramp! Always effortlessly well put together, they never fail to impress us with their perfect bodies, chiseled faces and impeccable outfits. So when they’re not walking in designer clothes, what are we mostly likely to see them in? Here’s what they told us…

anita distressed tank denims comfort clothing 430x550

Name: Anita
Go-to outfit: A tank and denims
She says: “I’m big on comfort so I would step out wearing a loose distressed tank with fitted denims. I prefer to play it easy and casual at most times. I would never get into anything that makes me feel uncomfortable.”

surabhi rao kurta dhoti pants saris 430x550

Name: Surabhi Rao
Go-to outfit: Indian wear
She says: “I own a stock of Indian wear as I think it makes me look more elegant. Comfortable and unique, my go-to outfits would be a kurta paired with dhoti pants and saris.”

rikee chatterjee shorts vests distressed denim ganjiis 430x550

Name: Rikee Chatterjee
Go-to outfit: Shorts and vests
She says: “I love to stay true to my style which is quite tomboy. A distressed denim and ganji is what you will find me wearing on most days! No girly stuff around me, please!”

pooja bhamrah boho chic casual comfortable 430x550

Name: Pooja Bhamrah
Go-to outfit: Bohemian
She says: “My go-to look is definitely boho chic. I like when things are more casual and comfortable to make me feel confident all day. I also tend to dress by colour quite often and right now I’m obsessed with red! ”

brrka experimental jeans twin set feminine cuts 430x550


Go-to outfit: Experimental
She says: “I don’t like to rely on a particular style. You would find me wearing a jeans and top on a day and a twin set on another. But I wouldn’t deny the fact that I am biased towards feminine cuts.”