If you know anything about the brand Farah Sanjana, you know that at its core, the brand stands for edgy sophistication. Inspired by architectural shape, origami, detailed metal work and structured sillhoutes, this is one brand that has all our attention. As we dive into the madness, that is this season’s Lakmé Fashion Week, we can’t wait to see what this pretty designer has in store for us. Until then, we caught up with the face behind the brand and reminisced over our favourite highlights from last season.

farah sanjana flamingo prints 430x550

The inspiration behind the collection

The real inspiration behind the flamingo prints happened during my travels to the Camargue region in the South of France. I touched upon a huge flock of flamingos and it just clicked at that point. During my visit I had taken a lot of pictures of the birds, which I further developed into prints.

farah sanjana backless dress 430x550

On the flamingos

I found that the beauty of the birds is that although they’re all pink, the birds change their colours at different points of the day. In the day they are slightly white, at the noon the shade becomes deeper and in the evening it changes to a darkish pink going into a bold orange. This created visual appeal for me, which in turn I have tried to translate into a print, and this is how I formed the major part of my collection.

farah sanjana summer resort collection 430x550

On going tropical

As it was a summer resort collection and the South of France is synonymous with summer resort fashion, it was more impactful for me. Plus, I thought it would work very well for an Indian market as we belong to the tropical climate. I dabbled in different prints, created black and whites, orange and blues, darker blues for the night and lighter colours for the day and of course, pink for festivities.

farah sanjana latest collection 430x550

On ‘The Farah Sanjana Girl’

I like to keep the glamour quotient as high as possible in my designs and stay true to my USP of edgy sophistication. For me ,it is all about the women today who are well-heeled, who are willing to experiment and who have a sense of complete confidence. I believe, that to make a universal fashion statement, you need to cut across generations and need to be able to dress and cater to all age groups. A confident woman who is willing to experiment with my shapes and sharp cuts is ‘The Farah Sanjana Girl’.

farah sanjana collection crop top 430x550

On the past season’s trends that have made it to her lust-list

Crop tops were an absolute rage, which also work as a multi-purpose Indian sari blouse.

farah sanjana carefree collection 430x550

One feeling women wearing a Farah Sanjana design should feel


farah sanjana flowy print 430x550

On what attracts celebrities to Farah Sanjana flamingos

It’s the vibrancy of the print that attracts so many people since it’s an eye catching print. The silhouettes too were startling. There are other elements apart from flamingos that also attract my clients such as fabric, studs, sheer and pencil skirts. What appeals to them is the combination of colours and prints and the idea behind it.

farah sanjana eye catching print 430x550

On which celebrity spotting has been her favourite

Every celebrity was just fantastic and I couldn't be more humbled by the way they wore all my outfits. Each one of them was special for me.

farah sanjana cape designs 430x550

The celebrity she would love to dress

I would love to see Sonam Kapoor in my clothes because she is a fashion icon who is an effortlessly stylish woman.

farah sanjana accessories 430x550

On which accessories pair best with her creations

It really depends on which garment you’re wearing and balancing that out. If you have a very busy print you could team it with bold solid colour shoes, chunky heels or accessories like cuffs or statement earrings.

farah sanjana layering dressing 430x550

On what we can look forward to seeing from Farah Sanjana in upcoming seasons

You can’t get a muse sitting in the four corners of the house, I discover new prints mainly on my travels where I get inspired by different styles, museums and art galleries. I make it a point to travel at least twice a year as it refreshes me. I am still young and fresh I have so much more to experiment and achieve. Constant reading, travel, daily nuances of life, different cultures, meeting new people, and social media are factors that inspire me.