Payal Bathija, the COO of Heel & Buckle, talks about mastering the bling trend this season – From Channel’s LBD to Manish Malhotra’s sequenced ensembles, the trend this season seems to be a well-balanced mix of pronounced glitter and muted sophistication. Whether you have some wedding glitz to conquer or a more understatedly dressy festive or Christmas dinner to attend, this season is the perfect excuse to bring out the bling. Heel & Buckle’s Pazzion collection – known to appeal to the trendy fashionista – has incorporated a heady amount of sequenced crystals in a manner that ensures that they remain statement pieces, fit for an assortment of dressy occasions.

latest fashion trend of this season bling ballet flats 430x550

Gold, silver, red, and copper are the traditional monochrome tones featured in sequin shoes. For the more adventurous sort, animal print with dual sequin tones or incorporating bigger crystals can definitely bring in a glamorous edge to an evening outfit.

latest fashion trend of this season bling silver gown 430x550

While this trend works best with formal wear, it can sometimes be the perfect statement accessory to spruce up a casual ensemble as well. It is important to bear in mind that the bling quotient of your outfit should not be overbearing. If your shoes already have a heady amount of bling, a simpler outfit with muted tones and a clean silhouette will work best. If you wish to bring in an element of bling and add some glamour to a casual outfit, incorporating it in monochrome tones with a pair of flats or pair of wedges will work best. The mile-high stilettos and strappy heels are an ideal counterpart to formal dressing.

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Shiny, eye-catching and dreamily jazzy – make sure you choose your ideal quotient of bling and dramatise your sartorial selections this season!